Beyond the Night

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Game Details

Beyond the NightBeyond the Night. Cynthia is happily in love with her husband, but two months ago he was sent on a business trip and Cynthia suddenly felt very lonely, because they don’t have the habit to be separated with each other for a long time. Cynthia’s husband should arrive at home today, and due to that occasion she wants to prepare romantic dinner and relax night, with his favorite meal and wine. Our player has the role of Cynthia’s friend, and is helping him in the organization of this romantic dinner.

This task shouldn’t give you a hard time, especially because all of us (more or less) want for such things to be happening to us, don’t we? Imagine what would you like for that special dinner to look like, and give the best you can. Help a woman that is so eager to impress her beloved husband.