Behind The Reality Game

Behind The Reality Behind The Reality. Well, it is quite difficult being a psychiatrist. That is one really responsible job since you have a job with people, with their emotions and deepest thoughts. People speak about everything in front of their psychiatrists and if they don’t direct them right, if the patient doesn’t read the messages right, the consequences could be quite terrifying and sometimes even fatal for the patient. On the other hand, the psychiatrists have to have a really strong will and character.

They hear numerous stories every day and they have to deal with them, not to let anything influence on their personal life. There are many reports on psychiatrists that have lose their minds after doing their job perfectly for a very long period of time but the pressure was too powerful and made them become weak.

Dr. Evans was a fine psychiatrist. He was one of those that knew how to make good connections with the patients but also to stay on his own all the time, and keep his authority. Today, like every other day, he had a meeting with one of his patients but when he came into his apartment, there wasn’t anyone there. OK, said Dr. Evans, maybe the patient could not come here on time or something came up for him, so he decided to go back home. When Dr. Evans tried to open the door of his place, he found himself completely different world, world full of mystics. He couldn’t realize what is happening right away so he started exploring this world so he could figure out what is happening with him, but also what happened with his patient.

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