Artful Robbery Game

Artful RobberyArtful Robbery Game: Robberies happen everywhere, even in the galleries. We all know that there are certain works of art that have a really big value and they are part of exhibitions in the galleries. Those pieces are not for sale. They are there so everyone can enjoy their beauty. But however, there are people who are that rude and try to get something like that just for them, no matter what! From one side there are the people who steal works of art. And on the other side, the people who dare to buy the stolen things… But everything is not that bad after all.

Besides those two subjects, we all know that there is one more – the police. In our case in Artful Robbery Game: There has been a robbery of valuable works of art. The director of the gallery, Aaron, together with the detectives Debra and Rachel, is searching for something that will give them a trace who and how managed to enter the gallery and make the robbery. It’s time the investigation to start. So let’s try to find something that will help us solve the case. And find out who is responsible for stealing the artworks. You can play Artful Robbery game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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