Secret Lab Conspiracy Game

Secret Lab ConspiracySecret Lab Conspiracy Game: Dealing with pharmaceuticals on the black market is a dangerous business. In laboratories, research is constantly being carried out in which drugs are tested for diseases. Sometimes, a drug will show excellent results in treating a particular disease. But it simply must not be put on the market before all its contraindications and side effects have been investigated. Only after the tests have been carried out, the drug receives permission to be put on sale by the relevant institutions and associations of doctors. But when it comes to a drug that seems to produce magical results and cure serious diseases, people can get greedy.

These drugs that often appear on the black market and someone makes a lot of money from them. But if something undesirable happens, there is no one to bear the responsibility. Detective Michael and police officer Sarah arrive at the suspicious laboratory, which they have information about that produces a drug that is not approved by the association of doctors because they consider it dangerous. These scientists plan to sell the drug on the black market and make money from it. Let’s help our characters find enough evidence against this laboratory. You can play Secret Lab Conspiracy game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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