Before and After Game

Before and After Before and After. The fashion styling tells something for the person as well. And there are people that don’t pay so much attention about it and it is important for them just to wear something that will be comfortable, that will keep them worm and will be simply clean while other people are completely obsessed with fashion, following every fashion event, following the styles of the celebrities and doing everything they can in order to appear unique and accentuate certain part of their personality. Some people appreciate clothing even more, believing that the clothes are important for building self-confidence and that clothes actually make the person.

Jennifer was always very modest. She never liked to differ from the surroundings or to be too much eccentric or noticeable so she always kept to certain casual style. However, after a while Jennifer felt that she needs a change. After so many years she realized that she is not satisfied from her style because it suited to the person she was before and people change many times during their life. She needs to work a bit on her style and get some new clothes and that’s why she has decided to organize a garage sale in order to sell part of her old clothes and use the collected money for buying new ones.

Those new clothes will definitely bring something fresh and new to her style, and will help her make a complete transformation of her style. Let’s take this fashion adventure together with Jennifer and see what will happen. We always love the ‘before and after’ moment, don’t we?

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