Beautiful Mistake Game

Beautiful Mistake Beautiful Mistake. Why men don’t ask about directions? This is one of the stereotypes often related to men and we could say that it is not true but on the other hand, we are all witnesses of driving many kilometers in wrong way, just because some of us believed that he was right and refused to ask for a direction. However, we can’t say that Mr. Carter didn’t want to ask someone for a direction, this is more a guilt of the both… but here’s how it all started.

The married couple Carter wanted to spend some days relaxing in Monte Carlo. They know that it would be much faster to go by plain but a road trip would be definitely more exciting so they took their car and started the trip. After some time driving on the south coast of France, they realized that they have interpreted the map wrongly.

This map should have brought them to Monte Carlo but instead of turning left, they turned right and at the moment, there isn’t even a trace of the planned destination. At the moment they are in front of a small medieval town and they can’t say that this town doesn’t look very nice. Since they are already here, the Carter’s decide to take a break from driving and see what is hiding this beautiful place.

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