Aunt Lisa’s House Game

Aunt Lisas HouseAunt Lisa’s House. Our childhood is usually one of the best memories that we have in our heads. It could be about some particular events but many times it is about the feeling that characterizes that period, the feeling of carelessness and security. It is like that with our character of this game too. When she was very young, she spent a lot of time in her aunt’s Lisa house. And she remembers that period as one of the best periods in her life. She was visiting this place very often for the summer period. During the summer holiday and her stay was full with thrill and excitement.

Her aunt does not live near to her. So the new place brought the thrill by itself but also she remembers the incredible stories that her aunt Lisa told her. She remembers long hours of stories about princesses and their adventures. And the wonderful narrative voice of her aunt, making her feel as she was present on those places, experiencing the things by her own. Some time has passed since she haven’t been at aunt Lisa’s house. Exactly 5 years, and she really missed that. So she decided that this summer she will visit her aunt and she will revive the incredible memories.

Aunt Lisa’s House is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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