Ancestral Curse Game

Ancestral Curse Ancestral Curse. In today’s adventure we have Donna, 22-year old girl with Scottish origin, and lives in Michigan, the state bordering of four Great Lakes. One day she decided to explore her family tree and to find out more about her ancestors. The only fact that she knew about her family was that it comes from a small Scottish coastal town called Rosyth.

She prepared for her vacation and decided to spend as much time needed until she finds out more about her family tree. Starting from the first meeting with local people of Rosyth, she got the first very surprising information. She was taken back from the information that her great – great grandmother was a witch and due to that. The whole family was outcast from the town. The locals say that a curse is thrown against her family.

Ancestral Curse. Now Donna has to do anything needed for the curse to be broken. She remembered from all the scary stories he had read that to achieve that goal. One must do a good thing for more people possible. So, our hero was a real revelation for the small town. She saved a little boy from drowning in the Sea, she helped children who couldn’t talk to say their first words, Donna helped poor and feeble people and a lot more. Find out if locals were merciful to break the curse.

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