After Party Game

After Party After Party Game: Well that was quite a party! The Martinez family has organized a great birthday party for their daughter. They invited all friends and relatives on this party, a lot of people were there and they had a great time all night long. Interesting food and drinks, nice music, people in good mood – all of that made this party unforgettable.

They stayed up late at the party, having a really good time. However, there is one not so interesting part when organizing a party – the cleaning part. No matter how polite quests there were at the party, there is always a lot of work to do. From one side is taking care of the dishes, then taking care of the complete mess so sometimes it could use some help for doing that since the hosts are tired from the organization.

That’s why the Martinez family has called for a little help, calling Lisa and her cleaning company. Lisa is very skillful and she really knows how to work effectively so not she is at Martinez’s apartment, taking care of the mess. She is doing everything to bring the place into normal, cleaning everything that is needed. It would be really nice if you manage to take part in this cleaning as well. Lisa and the Martinez family will be very pleased about that. Finally enjoy and have fun in playing After Party Game.

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