A Day to Remember Game

A Day to Remember A Day to Remember. After numerous holidays with friends and family, young Karen decides that this summer she will go on a holiday alone. It is OK to go on a holiday with someone, you share your thoughts and experiences with him or her but always there is a moment when our company thinks different from us: we want to see something and they are not interested about it so we feel as we are missing something interesting if we don’t see it, but we also don’t like to act opposite to our friend… In those moments we always imagine how it could be if we were on a holiday alone.

Well young Karen had the courage to do that, to go on a holiday alone in some exotic place, so she arrives at the southern part of the Caribbean islands. The adrenaline level is very high because that is a really small island where only small numbers of visitors come during the year but it definitely has many amazing sand beaches. People that have been there describe it as something that can’t be found in any other place in the world, as something unique and amazing and Karen surely agrees with that.

And yes, the nature is wonderful but also Karen experiences something she didn’t expected. Karen meets Mat who is also alone on a holiday in this island. They meet suddenly on one small beach and decide to spend the day together. This interesting date will turn this day into a day to remember.

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