The Lighthouse Phenomena Game

The Lighthouse Phenomena The Lighthouse Phenomena. There are numerous different professions all around the world, some of them are really, really strange, and that’s for sure. Steven and Kate are scientists that dedicated their live in investigation of the paranormal phenomena across the United Kingdom. Those people are simply obsessed by those things and according to the fact that they have always so much work to do. It seems that those paranormal happenings are more often than we could ever thought. They travel all around the United Kingdom when they are called by someone. But many times they notice those unusual happenings by their own. So they work by their own will, not for money or something.

For a long period of Steven and Kate were intrigued by the mystery of Blackrock Lighthouse. Located in the most distant part of Scotland, it took them one day on the train to reach the Corkney village. Just a couple of miles further of the lighthouse. This lighthouse seems quite normal, just like any other lighthouse we could see anywhere but in this field things are not as they seem to be. That is somehow a rule when it comes to a paranormal activities.

However, if we think twice, there is always a certain mystery around those places, standing there alone… This time the people that live around this lighthouse, in the local villages around it. Have noticed that something is wrong about the place. That’s why our experts are at the place. Collecting evidences and following those traces that show something unusual and could lead to explanation of what is going on there.

The Lighthouse Phenomena is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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