The Alley of Thieves Game

The Alley of Thieves The Alley of Thieves. Amanda and Nicholas are two very famous detectives. Sometimes they work alone, sometimes separately, but they always do their best to bring the justice and find the criminals. Perhaps you remember them from the complex case about the two missing brothers while in this case they are in a completely different situation that also has to be solved so they could bring peace the citizens in their town. Namely, their town is quiet in general, a peaceful place to live but lately there have been a lot of robberies there, so the people have become quite scared for their security and they like the criminals to be caught faster.

That’s why Amanda and Nicholas are here. They have a new task now, to sneak deep into the nest of the city group of thieves and find as many evidences as they could so they could finally arrest them and put them behind the bars. Amanda and Nicholas work together with their colleagues because this case asks for a lot of work and commitment since the robberies have been performed on many different places. You will also take part in this game, helping Amanda and Nicholas to find out faster who is responsible for all those robberies. Only that way the citizens will be calm and safe again, as they were before.

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