Stolen Goods Game

Stolen Goods Stolen Goods. Erica and Albert are experienced policemen. They are partners and they have solved numerous cases together. They know each other very well. Which means they could easily complement each other and not interrupt one’s work what is very important for this job. Their last case may not seem very challenging or dangerous but it means a lot for so many people. It is about a case of mass stealing of objects from the homes of the people that live in one suburb. It seems that the robbers have visited every single house in the suburb. And stole anything they could reach and take out.

At this moment Erica and Albert are at the place of the crime scene. Actually they are at the place where those robbers have hidden and kept the stolen objects. It was quite difficult to get to that place but they followed the traces and they found it. So now they have called the people that have been robbed to come to the place and look for their belongings.

You will play as Erica’s and Albert’s assistant which means that you will take part in the investigation, find the objects and bring them back to the damaged people.

Stolen Goods is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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