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Master of Deceit Master of Deceit. Sebastopol is a small city located in America. This city was known as one of the most peaceful cities in that region and that’s why people love to live there. They didn’t have to worry about anything because the life there went really smooth. No one had heard about criminal for so many years and everyone felt really safe or at least until now… Last days a group of deceits has showed up in Sebastopol and for a certain period of time they manipulate with the local citizens.

They have conquered the streets and steal the valuable belongings that people keep in their bags and pockets. Suddenly no one feels safe and that’s why the people from Sebastopol have decided to do their best in order to get rid of the deceits.

The initial thing that the citizens of Sebastopol did was calling the police. Karen is a young policeman that lives in the city which means that she knows it very well. She is completely aware how things work in the city so she knows where to direct the whole investigation in order to catch the deceits as soon as possible. And since it is about her own safe and the safe of her fellow citizens, Karen is strongly determinate to discover who those criminals are, to catch them and bring the peace back to the city. This task won’t be easy because they operate much trained but Karen will do her best.

Master of Deceit is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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