The Witch Game Game

The Witch Game The Witch Game. Helen is a pirate and she has always been very responsible in her dedication. However, somehow the witch has managed to direct her on a wrong track sending her to her island. Now Helen is at the witch’s island and she is little bit confused of the whole situation. Namely, the witch is urging Helen to play by her rules. She has to play her game if she likes to leave this cursed place.

The evil witch has set few tasks for Helen. She has hidden a huge number of objects all around the island, so now Helen has to find them all. Only after finding them, her boat will show up on the island so she could leave from the cursed island.

This witch game is something that was completely unexpected by Helen so now she has a lot that needs to be done in order to escape from this unpleasant situation. Let’s help the brave pirate Helen deal with the witch’s tasks and find all the objects that she needs to escape from the island. The task might be little bit hard because we are dealing with a true witch but we are sure that you will help Helen in this unpleasant situation and face the challenge. Enjoy and have fun in playing The Witch Game Game.

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