The Ghost Bride Game

The Ghost Bride The Ghost Bride. No matter how much someone connects to things and people, and doesn’t believe in material things. Still, there are things that we don’t want to loose ever in our life. It is miraculous how much we fall for little things that represent some memory, some moment, some emotion and feeling. And when some horrible thing happens, like disaster or similar, than we are disappointed and unhappy.

But, if there is a chance that someone can help us find our things and get over it that would be perfect situation. In such situation is our main character of today’s game. Karen is a ghost bride. With the help of her paranormal scientists Martha and Jeremy, Karen comes on the place where she lives while she was alive.

Now her house is abandoned and ruined. Karen kindly asks Martha and Jeremy to help her in the finding of her personal stuff that were left in the ruins of this house. The investigation can begin. You are here to help the case. No matter if we talk about fiction and mystery. Put yourself in this ghost bride and do your best to help her.

The Ghost Bride is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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