Princess on a Farm Game

Princess on a Farm Princess on a Farm. Being royal is probably good since they have numerous privileges, great fortune and everything but not to forget the great responsibility that this position brings. Royals are actually representatives of the people of the kingdom and the kingdom won’t function well in case those people are not satisfied from their rulers. It may seem that because of their position that could do what they want but they could lose their position in case the people don’t want them.

There could be some protests, global grievance in the kingdom in case they aren’t satisfied from the head of their state. Princess Fiona enjoys being princess but she is also very responsible person and she likes to do her job best. She is trying to be righteous with everyone and give her citizens all that they need. However, in one period she started to feel certain dissatisfaction from the people in her kingdom, like her ruling in the Kingdom is not that good any more.

She decides to take the situation in her own hands and see what is going on there. And she is aware that she could learn best what people think about her, only if she becomes part of that people so she decides to disguise herself in ordinary peasant girl and try to find a work on the farm so she could be closer to the regular people and hear their problems and discontent.

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