Phantom Ship Game

Phantom Ship Phantom Ship. We are not that sure that you have ever heard the story about the famous ship known as Phantom ship since in today’s terms this word is used to describe a type of fancy boat with high performances, nothing related to the old story. The Phantom ship was a ship that has disappeared many years ago in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The legend says that this disappeared boat sometimes scares the ordinary sailors who travel in this part of the world. The date when this ship disappeared is known but no one knows that on the exact date of the disappearing the boat appears just for a short time. This is quite strange but it seems that it is somehow possible.

Many years ago the sailors of this boat were transporting a lot of treasure of the rich families, but also they transported precious museum objects and artifacts. The legend says that the boat, actually the ones that were traveling on this boat, were enchanted by the wonderful sea mermaids that live in the sea who tricked the people to jump into the sea. The phantom ship on the other hand was cursed to on eternal sailing with no chance of anchor. No one has seen this boat for so many years except those individuals who had the luck to be at the right place on the date when this ship disappeared.

This story definitely sounds like a great mystery so let’s ‘dig’ little bit more and discover all the secrets related to the phantom boat.

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