Make No Mistake Game

Make No Mistake Make No Mistake. The precious golden medallion has been stolen from the state treasury few years ago. All those years no one could catch a trace that will lead to solution of the case until these days when some possible indications came out. There are some assumes about the place where the medallion is but because it is in another state, the federals could not act transparently because they are able to trigger an international conflict and this medallion may be worthy but going that far is not an option.

That’s why the federals are sending their best agent – spy, to sneak into the one villa. It is supposed that the medallion is exactly in that villa so the agent has to enter there, to steal the medallion and bring it back to the state. This act of stealing is not good again, but since there wasn’t any other option, the federals choose to do that, just to bring that medallion back and avoid the conflict. The man that will provide that is very skilled and well trained but anyway, he has to be very, very careful and not to make any mistake because that would be a big international problem.

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