Land of the Giants Game

Land of the Giants Land of the Giants. Giants, those huge humanoid creatures that are often mentioned in the literature, in the movies, in the myths… In some cases they are described as powerful gods while in other cases as some huge bad person that endangers someone’s life, but also there are some gentle giants… The fiction narrates about them very often but how can we be sure if they are just part of the fiction or maybe they existed once. To explain their existence as they were just untypically tall people, strange for the environment, sounds little bit naive, but we surely can’t explain those things finally…

This game on the other hand talks about one very interesting story. A small expedition arrives from America to Europe. They have some clues and some proofs about the legend that they have heard when they were very young. This legend says that in Europe there were real giants many years ago who lived there parallel with the regular people. Our expeditions is here to explore the things even more and try to find explanation for those legends, to find out if there is still a possibility that those stories could be real.

If there are really proofs for that, our team is at the edge of discovering a really big thing that will have a very high influence of the society. Let’s take part in this really interesting adventure and see what will happen.

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