Jurassic Lake Game

Jurassic Lake Jurassic Lake. Fossils are a dream of every archeologist that investigates this field. However, it is not easy at all to find them because they are hidden so deep under the ground and the ones that manage to find them are definitely the lucky ones. Still, the archeologists know where to look for even though it is still very hard and sometimes they could be rather surprised if their predecessors have missed a spot and left something undiscovered.

Melvin’s greatest passions are exactly the dinosaurs and now he is on his way to make the hugest discovery of today. He is in the Chinese province of Gansu at the moment where according to his knowledge, there are perfectly preserved dinosaur reminds. Melvin explores the place, looking for the spot that could be a place where those dinosaurs hide. He has noticed that beside the lake there is the biggest location with dinosaur fossils in the whole province which is a rather huge discovery. For his big surprise, on this place could be found completely preserved dinosaur eggs that could be used further. Maybe some of them will discover a completely new dinosaur species, something no one has found out before… Let’s start the search together and see what this place is hiding.

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