Dawn of Silence Game

Dawn of Silence Dawn of Silence Game: What about you having the power to make people fall asleep forever? Make people live in paranormal conditions, and stay that way forever. Well, all right, this is just an imagination we are trying to offer you for today. Fantasy is never enough in our everyday life.

We gave the superpower to this lady vampire, who wants to make fun of people. But, what is fun for her is not fun for people. Actually, they are very terrified of her and they don’t even want to meet her. But, when the situation comes to the point, what should they do, that is the right question?

Elena is a vampire who has the power to hypnotize the ordinary people and to put them in deep dream. She usually does this when she needs some of the objects that people use. Tonight is that moment. Elena has put all of the people in deep dream. She starts looking for the needed objects. Elena feels like people have taken something from her and now she wants it back. Fair enough, isn’t it? Though she is a vampire, she is looking for the justice. And we are sure you will help this lady vampire. So enjoy and have fun in playing Dawn of Silence Game.

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