Dalton’s Farm

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Game Details

Dalton's FarmDalton’s Farm. Bob Dalton and his daughter Alice live on their farm. Some people say that living on a farm is quite difficult but actually it is not, in case that you have a wish to live a life like that. In that case people forget about their hard responsibilities and concept their lives for living under those circumstances. It is like that for Bob and his daughter.

They’ve lived on the farm for so many years so nothing is hard for them… Or at least nothing wasn’t hard for them. Bob Dalton has become too old to do his job on the farm. The years have taken their price and his daughter is not strong enough for some of the tasks that have to be done on the farm. Together they were a team and they could do everything but now it is not easy like that, they need some help.

Bob and Alice publish an announcement for season workers on the farm. They loved to perform everything but now they would have to share their responsibilities with the other workers. Since they were doing their job so good, Bob and Alice would like their workers to be also prepared and capable of reaching the same level of quality, so the farm could keep its quality level as well.

In the game you, as a player, will play in the role of a farm worker, one of those that have applied for the announcement. Alice and Bob will give you certain tasks that need to be done, so you will do your best and make sure that the farm works as good as possible.

Dalton’s Farm is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.