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Whispers from Beyond Whispers from Beyond. When it comes about literature, we all know that it is about fiction, unless it is about someone’s biography. Or maybe some science literature. Besides literature that talks about beautiful things and happy things there are also crime novels, detective novels, mysteries. And there could be found quite intriguing and scary things like robberies, disappearing, but also murders… And in all good written novels those things are written in details and the writer describes everything as it has happen just before his eyes and that’s when things become strange. The question is how someone could know to describe that well a murder or some other terrible crime. Unless he wasn’t at the crime scene. Using the imagination is one thing but what about all those details?!

There has been a series of murders in the town, related one to other. Everything points that it is about a serial killer since in each murder has been used a similar technique, they are all alike are somehow related.

Investigating a murder is a really delicate task but this case becomes even more delicate when one of the detectives recognizes some of the murders – they are same as in the books of the famous writer George Baker. The police get a warrant to investigate the apartment of the writer and they are all surprised by the complete mess that found there, but there is not even a trace from the writer. The detectives are giving their best to find the link between those series of murders and the famous writer and his books.

Whispers from Beyond is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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