The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom Game

The treasures of the lost kingdom In The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom you immediately get thrown into an exciting quest as renowned teenage detective Natalie Brooks arrives at her grandpa’s house only to discover that the place looks like it’s been ransacked and her grandpa – an expert historian and scientist – has been kidnapped!

After a mysterious phone call from the kidnapper who demands a ransom. Natalie now has three days to find an old treasure map of Juan de Castellanos. Leading her on an exciting adventure to rescue her grandfather from his captors.

This Hidden Object game has many unique puzzles and clever mini-games thrown in as part of the plot. Like finding Roman numerals that are on the list to open the suitcase that’s on the ground. Or match a range of bells to their silhouettes to open a mechanism and retrieve a knife (and untie a poor bystander caught up in Natalie’s drama). It’s a great Hidden Object adventure with a story that draws you in right from the start! Enjoy and have fun.

The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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