Wrong Reservation Game

Wrong ReservationWrong Reservation Game: Virginia planned this weekend to be an unforgettable one. She is so often overbooked, over-programmed and hopelessly plugged in to technology. That is the reason she made an intention to find an epic location and plan a trip that will provide her with true relaxation. She booked through a travel agency and waited for the day to come.

But the travel agency made an unforgivable mistake. They have made a wrong reservation and Virginia arrived in an abandoned and scary hotel. Wallpaper peeling from the walls, moldy ceilings and furniture left frozen in time – this popular destination for holidaymakers once filled with buzzing conversations and laughter have turned into eerie time capsule.

Virginia is pissed off and scared at the same time. She is about to find out that she is not alone in this hotel. She is feeling that she is being watched and spied on. It looks like a ghost is lurking behind her. She doesn’t see it or know anything about it until she feel a cold breeze as someone just walked past her… Enjoy and have fun in playing Wrong Reservation Game.

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