Reservations Recommended Game

Reservations RecommendedReservations Recommended. Is cooking your number one passion? Then this is the right game for you! Today you can work with one of the greatest chefs and help them prepare the tastiest recipes and learn new cooking tricks. While hundreds of dining rooms across the city compete for business every single day, a select few manage to pack the house on a daily basis. Debra and Janet own one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants.

Nabbing a table at their most sought restaurant is considered a great success to enjoy your taste buds and can be done exclusively with a reservation. Even the most adept planners can be left off the guest list or forced to wait for hours with little luck.

Tonight they have a crowded restaurant and it’s time for them to start cooking their specialties that made them so recognizable. But, they need our help now to manage to feed all those starving mouths waiting to taste the exclusive recipes. Have fun in our virtual kitchen and become a pro chef! It takes a lot of practice for cutting vegetables, slicing chicken, boiling eggs and frying meatballs. Play and Have Fun!

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