Treasure’s Trove Game

Treasures Trove Treasure’s Trove. Uf, sometimes it’s hard to be old and senile. OK, the body becomes older with years but what about the mid?! People start to forget things, and in some cases this could be pretty serious. However, when it comes to this old sailor, it is pretty sad because he has so many stories to tell but actually no one believes him. He seems so forgotten that everything he says is thought to be only a lie, some funny projection of his old and senile mind… But not for Martha and Justin.

Those two are great adventurists who have pass through numerous interesting adventures, searching for adrenaline and something strange to find out in the world that seems so normal and ordinary. This time their spirit is taking them in a search for a lost treasure on the Blemt Island. They have heard about this island and the treasure from this old sailor. He tells his story to everyone he meets but each person he meets, judging for his age and appearance, thinks that everything he says is just a big and ridicules lie.

On the other hand, Martha and Justin have a great intuition so far, especially when it comes about cases of lost treasures. They believe that the story of this old man is truth so they’ve started they long journey, feeling that they will discover something big and important.

Treasure’s Trove is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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