The Polar Night Game

The Polar NightThe Polar Night Game: Nearly 50 percent of the Northern Hemisphere’s total landmass can be classified as a cold region at some point in the year. But a small city has faced extreme weather conditions last night. It was freezing cold, and the chill became worse and worse. Most of the city caked in permanent ice all night, thousands of feet thick.

There are plenty of cold-weather survival scenarios. Knowing how to survive the freezing cold is essential if you are stranded or in an emergency. This is where Henry comes in. He is sent to help his fellow citizen that have been hit by this storm and rough weather. Everyone is freezing on the ice because they have lost electricity in their own homes.

The whole city is under ice and Henry has find a way for everyone to survive cold weather and stay alive. Knowing some basic tips and tricks can help make a difference in your comfort level, and even whether or not all make it through the night. to find all the hidden items that will help him so that he can provide help and support to all the citizens to overcome this freezing polar night. So enjoy and have fun.

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