Ice Storm Game

Ice StormIce Storm Game: Nature is above us, her Majesty is always bigger than us, greater than anything you see and feel. If we don’t respect her rules she will be cruel to you. Frank, Nicole and Pamela have left their town and went to the mountain. They love going out there, conquering the heights and enjoying the nature. But because nature is very often unpredictable and able to ruin our weekends and plans. You can imagine what actually happened to these nature lovers. Everything went perfect, they were completely prepared for the weekend, took the right equipment, did all the preparations, took enough food and they departed. But, unfortunately there was a surprise. Temperatures went so low and cold storm appeared.

Now it is not the time for enjoying or not, but actually it is to be or not to be – it is the question of life or death. Frank, Nicole and Pamela are brave young people who now fight for their lives and they will have to survive the extreme conditions that are life threatening. They need to find the needed objects for that. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Ice Storm Game.

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