Cold Night Game

Cold Night Cold Night. Old Andry enjoys going on a walk really much. He liked it when he was young and he likes it now even more because now it makes him feel young, it helps maintain his spirit high but also it keeps his body strong enough for everyday challenges. Today he went on a walk in the near woods. Andry especially enjoys walking in nature because he adores the fresh air and all that wonderful sight that surround him in the woods. However, walking in the woods can sometimes be risky. Andry knows that but he enjoys very much so he puts aside the thoughts about the safety until today when he had a small accident.

Namely, the road where he was walking slide down so Andry fall down into a deep cliff. From the terrible fall he lost his consciousness and when he woke up from the unconscious, Andry realized that it was already dark night. Because it was raining, Andry looked for a shelter as fast as he could and he arrived to an old abandoned house that seemed to be an adequate place for taking a rest until the next day when he will continue his way home. When Andry entered into the house, he felt unwelcomed. He didn’t see anyone but there was something in the air that was telling him that he is an uninvited guest.

Soon he realized that the house was already taken by ghosts and ghosts are something completely unknown for him. Andry doesn’t know how to deal with ghosts but there is no other way – to deal with them or to continue his walk in the dark while it’s raining?! Let’s see how will he handle it.

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