The Night Outlaws Game

The Night Outlaws The Night Outlaws. This seemed to be a regular night in the career of the policeman named Jason. He is on duty at this moment, a night shift, so he is patrolling around the town, looking for something suspicious, something that may be or may look as criminal. Not that he is likes more criminal in the town, but some nights it is very calm and peaceful, or let’s say boring, on the night shift. There is no one on the streets except some young people that stay out late, perhaps someone that comes home late from work, and someone that works evening shift or so. It happens for him to patrol all night and not to see a single face, but not tonight.

While patrolling through the town, Jason notices a suspicious group of people coming out of an abandoned house in the quiet part of the center of the town. Jason decides to sneak and check out what is going on in the house. Looking around the house, the brave policeman realizes very soon that the objects he sees in the house actually belong to the most wanted criminal in the country – Donald Jones. The police are looking for this person very long but no one has managed to find out anything, until now.

Jason will stay in the house longer, to explore it in details and see if he could find something more but also he will search around the house and its neighborhood, to see if he could possibly find evidences that will lead to Donald Jones’s arresting.

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