Valentine’s Journey Game

Valentine's Journey Valentine’s Journey. For some people Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean anything – just a regular day like any other, while for others this day is a real holiday. Usually the ones that are younger and in love wait for this day the whole year and when it is near, they figure out new ways how to express their love to their beloved ones. Some people go for a nice gift, some choose vine and roses, others choose to spend a romantic evening in some beautiful place and so on. No matter if this day is appreciated or not, it is about a day that in general celebrates love and we all know that nothing is more beautiful and more powerful than love so we have to admit that it is a really nice and positive day.

Valentine’s Day maybe wasn’t something special for Clara until today. This year, few days before the holiday, Clara earned an incredible travel prize – a trip to the Maldives on the Valentine’s Day. Clara is incredibly happy because Maldives were always the place of her dreams, something that she has noted in her bucket list so when she heard her name as a prize winner, her happiness was huge!

Now Clara is together with her husband at the place, having a lot of fun, but the trip wasn’t the only prize she got. The owner of the resort where Clara and her husband stay has organized an interesting game. He has hidden other prizes and other surprises as well, all around the resort. They have to look around for those prizes and everything they found becomes theirs. Well this sounds great, don’t you think? Let’s start searching right now!

Valentine’s Journey is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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