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Unusual Hero Unusual Hero. Almost in no occasion we are used to introduce you with a hero that is unusual. Those are characters that are everything but ordinary. That’s why maybe they are interesting for our hidden4fun and they keep your focus for a long time. We try to invent characters that are positive, ready for an action, adventurous and sometimes mysterious. For today we prepared a new adventure. The new heroine is Cynthia. She starts an adventure wanting to safe her people from the magic that is a threat from the bad witch Maureen.

This witch wants to chaise away all the habitants of this territory, because exactly on that place she wants to build the biggest dark monarchy in the world. Cynthia is not aware of the power she has until she faces Maureen. Since Cynthia was a child, she noticed that she has a special kind of force to move things, energy to heal problems, to bring smile on the sad faces. Her friends were amazed by her power, first they were scared of her, but later on, when they understood that Cynthia’s power is helpful and they she is their protector, then they became very happy to have her around. As Cynthia grew older, her power would only get better and better, and the people of her country were so happy to have her around, because she saved them from all the bad forces that wanted to harm them.

That’s why now, when the witch Maureen visited them and threatened them, they knew that Cynthia would do her best to bring back the peaceful life in the small town. Now it’s your turn. Fight the best you can against the witch, and people of Cynthia will be thankful forever. And, don’t forget to have fun!

Unusual Hero is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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