Trouble in Paradise Game

Trouble in Paradise Trouble in Paradise. People who are married or in a relationship, have fights from time to time, that is what we all know. However, even though some fights could be rather serious, we experience minor fights every day, that usually don’t have huge influence on our relationship. And people deal with those fights on a different way. Some choose to stay calm and try to seal the situation with reasonable discussion while others are stubborn and choose to stop talking for few days or even leave the home for few days. They believe that this way they will calm their heads and after the ‘storm’ is over, they could discuss things with cold heads. And there is no such a thing like a perfect way to handle an argument, as long as there are more happy than difficult moments together.

Melvin is a private detective who is hired by Jeff who is Brenda’s husband. Brenda has disappeared few days ago and Jeff believes that his wife has stayed in the hotel ‘Tropical Pearl’, before she disappeared. This was her favorite hotel and since they had a small fight before she disappeared, Jeff believes that Brenda might possibly stayed in this place.

The private detective Melvin, once he got the case, immediately started exploring Brenda’s photos. He believes that on those photos could be seen many of the Brenda’s belongings. He likes to remember her personal stuff, so if he finds some of them, he will sooner find out what has happened to Brenda.

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