Tropical Adventure

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Game Details

Tropical AdventureTropical Adventure. In today’s game we have Rita. She is a young lady which together with her fiancee has chosen to spend her summer holiday on the tropical Thailand’s islands. One morning she has decided to navigate with a small wooden boat, but her inexperience cost her too much.

Though her fiancee advised her not to do that trip all alone, she was a little bit stubborn and simply couldn’t hesitate the peaceful sea. But, because you never know when that can change, an hour later after she started her trip, the sea currents have shown and very quickly have taken her away from her island and she has arrived on a small abandoned island. She has no equipment with her and nothing that could help her. She has to manage alone and to find a way how to save herself and to return surely at her fiancee. Do your best to help this adventurous character.