The Purple Sunset Game

The Purple SunsetThe Purple Sunset. The cost of California is one of the most attractive for American tourists and abroad. Its beaches are attractive, but its’ most popular cities, as well. San Francisco is the city of little bit of everything, Los Angeles, the heart of the American film industry and celebrities, especially the neighborhood of Los Angeles – the dream of every actor and director – Hollywood. Especially if you live in the north parts of the country and in the Big Apple, New York, that world would be extra interesting and peaceful for you. And using the summertime for visit of a friend or meeting new people is the perfect way to explore a new place.

In today’s game, 20-year old Judy, an art student from New York is our curious player. She had never visited California before, though her relatives live there. This time, she decided to go for a visit to her cousins’ place in Douglas City, a small and very interesting place. Judy’s relative Peter has a very interesting house placed at the southern cost with wonderful view of the Ocean. Peter is only two years older than Judy and that was a big fun for her, because she had the chance to meet his best friends. They were few, but the one who left the biggest impression on her and the butterflies right away, was Marc. He lives next to Peter’s place. Wanting to impress Judy, he invited her to his house place. She accepted the invitation with pleasure.

But, when she entered the house, Peter wasn’t there. Judy was surprised to be left alone. But, she used the 20 minutes until he returned from the market to enjoy the best view of the ocean. She got to see his living room, paintings, getting to know that he is very much alike her, a fan of the art. She very much liked his style. When he came back, they had a lot of subjects to talk about. They really enjoyed the purple sunset.

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