The Island Called Paradise

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The Island Called ParadiseThe Island Called Paradise. When some island is called Paradise, you may imagine how beautiful there is. It doesn’t matter how does it look like exactly but the feeling that is giving us is precious, as everything is perfect around us, as everything is perfect in our lives as well. And we could never know what will cause us feel like that, where can we find a place like that, is it near, is it hiding behind the corner or we should walk miles and miles in order to get there.

Alanis is a girl that enjoys cruising on different islands and this time she was cruising the small islands located in the Pacific Ocean. All those places were incredible for her since she was there for the first time and they are absolutely amazing but she was impressed most by an island that wasn’t visited by tourists before, or at least it seemed liked that because of the wonderful untouched nature. Alanis is determined to spend part of her vacation exactly on this island because that was the place where she felt best, like a place that came out of her dreams. However, even if there weren’t any tourists at the place before, there were some ingenuous people that lived there for many years and they somehow leave here to spend some time there, but only if she does some of the responsibilities related to living there.

Alanis accepts the offer because she adores the place and she stays at the place for a while. She is working there and with the money that she will earn, she will make herself her own corner for relaxation.