The Game of Love Game

The Game of Love The Game of Love. Love, the sweetest feeling in the whole world! Young people feel it; older people feel it, something that makes us feel incredible! But on the other hand, love is usually a complicated thing. Each love is not returned; some love could not be realized, sometimes certain outer circumstances make it difficult and so on… But every love includes the games of love. Actually that is the most exciting part of the love – the part when we conquer the interest of the one that we love. There are many ups and downs but al of that just wonderful!

And while in these modern times we choose our love freely, many years ago, in the time of the knight Aurelio, things were not that easy, especially because he wanted to conquer the heart of the princess. He is really in love with this girl but the thing is that the king, Grace’s father, has invented a very difficult game of love. The person that likes to win the heart of his daughter has to pass this difficult game. Only the person that manages to do that will be able to marry Grace.

On the other hand, this might even sound fair. The king took good care of his daughter for so many years, so he doesn’t like to ‘give’ her to a person that doesn’t deserve her. So, it is now time for Aurelio, to show what he can and do his best in order to win Grace’s heart.

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