The Forgotten Garden Game

The Forgotten Garden The Forgotten Garden. People dream about different things. Some of us dream about the future. Imagining going somewhere far and usually dreaming about living in some more developed place. Others are more into going back to the nature and living more quiet life, without the everyday noises and rush. But also there are people that like most going pack into the past, willing to visit some place that is somehow important for the history of certain civilization.

Valerie lives in the present like all of us. But on the other hand, she is a girl that is very romantic likes to dream about some cavalier times. When this were quite different from today. Valerie enjoys spending her spare time in nature, or more precisely, she likes to spend her time in the place known as the Forgotten Garden. It is about a place full of wonderful nature and amazing colorful flowers. This garden is actually very old garden and it is a place where kings have lived hundreds of years ago.

Valerie likes to walk through this garden and to discover different objects and hidden places that are related to those times when the kings lived. She often imagines how it was like to live in the time of the great kings. How it would be to live in this forgotten garden and those magnificent buildings but not today, in the real time of the kings… Let’s take a walk through the forgotten garden and check out what makes Valerie so happy. But also to learn something more about the royal life in the garden.

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