The Cruising Hearts Game

The Cruising Hearts The Cruising Hearts. Samuel and Gloria are wonderful married couple. They enjoy spending time together and since it is about very creative people, they always choose interesting ways to have fun when it comes to holidays and their free time. This year they have chosen to spend their summer vacation at the Bahamas. They’ we been there before but because they had such a lovely time there, they ‘we decided to visit the same place once again. It’s actually about one of the most attractive islands on the Bahamas and great place for a romantic getaway and that was the place where the spent their honeymoon.

This year they are on the island at the date of their anniversary so Samuel likes to prepare a little surprise for his wife. He likes to refresh his wife’s memories so he has organized a romantic dinner exactly at the place where they enjoyed during their honeymoon. Since they had such a lovely time at that place, Samuel is quite sure that it would be excellent this time as well, hoping that this event will make new wonderful memories for both of them.

In case that you haven’t been on the Bahamas before, this game that shares the summer spirit will definitely make you feel romantic and relaxed because you will enjoy beautiful sights from one of the most wonderful places in the whole world. Are you prepared to take this amazing cruise?

The Cruising Hearts is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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