The Code Book Game

The Code BookThe Code Book Game: Human kind loves to research, to experiment with things, to find ways for creating better life, better assets and live longer. If there wasn’t science and those clever people dedicated to sciences. Then there wouldn’t be any progress in humanity.

Traveling through times is one of the greatest human wish, to be able to pass through different eras and go back. Imagine you can see the way your grand grand parents lived sometimes. Or see your favorite historical personality how he/or she is having lunch, for an example.

Stephen Turner is quantum physics professor for a long time. He has been investigating the so called crazy scientist Alexander White. Who claims that is one step to the final completing of the experiment where particles from present time will go back to past and back again in the present time. Those are the first precise steps in the traveling through time. But, Alexander disappears mysteriously. Stephen arrives in his laboratory wanting to find his code book and to save it from it from extinction. Have fun!

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