Professor’s Diary Game

Professor's Diary Professor’s Diary. Professor Calvin is one of the best professors in that school and that’s why all the students love him. He pays attention to each one of them, working on their potentials but also helping them to deal with their weak sides, when it comes to the subject he is teaching. This school year was long for the students, as every other year for them, but also it was very interesting because they learned a lot, guided by this professor. However, since the summer holiday is coming, prof. Calvin is preparing for the last day.

Today is the day when he will announce them the final grades and results for this year. And that’s OK but there is one small problem… The professor has lost his school diary where he was noting the grades of the students during the whole year. Well thing might not be such a small problem because this way he can’t finish the year technically. He should remember the grades that he already gave, or start examining the students once again… two very not practical things that could give some wrong assumes, even if he knows each of his students very well.

Since Professor Calvin doesn’t have a clue where this diary might be, he would need a little help for searching all around and finding that diary. Perhaps he would need some help for this so could you please help the professor finish his school year properly? Let’s find that diary together!

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