Science Day

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Science DayScience Day. School and education professionals look for ways to improve the student’s creativity and find many new ways for learning things, but also ways to determine the knowledge. We all know that the old conservative methods of teaching and learning are not that interesting for the students, so the new approach is something that guarantees bigger successes – the students learn faster and remember the facts longer.

One of the schools in Brighton every year organizes the so called ‘Science day’. This is an event with competitive character and something that the students wait for it during the whole year, preparing themselves quite seriously for the coming challenge. Actually all students from the town prepare for the great event because they all take part in it. Each school makes teams of students that should be prepared for many different tasks, actually different themes. The members of each team get familiar with the theme on the day of the event which makes the challenge even bigger because they have to learn and work a lot.

Now it is time for you to see what is your part in this great event. You will play as part of Mark and Elle’s team and answer the task as fast as possible, completing it quite precisely. Your job is to look for the objects that you’ll get in your assignment, as soon as possible. As mention before, your ability to work fast without making any mistake is the quality that would be most appreciated and the quality that could raise your team to the leading position in the event. We are sure that you’ll get your task fast and finish it as good as you can.

Science Day is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.