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The Chandlerville Maze


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The Chandlerville MazeThe Chandlerville Maze. Maybe one of the worst criminal mind thoughts of humankind is nevertheless, the will to steel things from people. Some steal other people things, some still other people’s wives and husbands, some humor won’t be a problem. Perhaps for some people stealing things, especially valuable things – money, jewel, objects is a way of life, it is the “easy” way of becoming richer, of surviving. Who knows, maybe that is not the toughest way, because one needs to sleep with the idea of how he or she has become richer. But, lets’ not encourage people that stealing is a good thing, because justice always knocks on the door, one can not be left alone just like that.When someone enters your home voluntarily, and off course, you haven’t invited him or her, then, you get the feeling that someone is touching something very personal of yours, touching your safety, your comfort.

It is not so important what will some guy take from you, those are just things, some are more expensive, some – not, but getting the feeling of being insecure in your own house, maybe is the most expensive thing that one can take away from you.

The Chandlerville Maze. Megan and Steward live in a small mountainous village on the Chandler mountain. They have noticed that a lot of valuable objects from their village have been stolen. All the peasants are alarmed because in literally every home some valuable object is missing. They are suspecting in the citizens of the neighboring village, that they are the guilty people for the theft. They decide to live in a group and to look for their worthy objects. Our player is one of the inhabitants of the village that has left with less stuff, due to the sticky fingers of the bed guys, and that’s why he is very eager to help for the hidden objects to be found.