The Boulevard Theater

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Game Details

The Boulevard TheaterPeter and Sonya have started their acting careers in ‘The Boulevard Theater’. Unfortunately, their theater is closed for long time. Together with their colleagues they decide to activate the theater again. Like they say, with a little help from our friends we can make it. They called friends, theater goers and amateurs and with their help they made it with the renovation. This is the most important evening in their lives. Believe it or not, ‘The Boulevard Theater’ is being open once again. And, the first play that the audience is going to watch, is the one where Peter and Sonya are going to star.

There are few small and tiny things to be done, while people haven’t started to come yet and fill the theater. Our player is one of the new actors in the team and he/she has to collaborate with the older actors due to the goal – faultlessly organizing the event. Many of us have always wanted to put themselves into the actors’ shoes, so here’s a chance for you.

The Boulevard Theater is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.