The Angelina’s Prophecy Game

The Angelina's Prophecy The Angelina’s Prophecy. Have you ever heard about Angelina Wodrick? OK, you may not, especially if you were not interested in prophecies ever before but she is a very important person in one shorertlist of people… Angelina Wodrick was known to the world as one of the greatest fortune tellers. There wasn’t no one like her since she managed to predict numerous crucial events that has happen many years ago. There is about one century since Angelina’s death and in that time she managed to predict many historical events not just simple family tragedies or everyday happenings and that’s how she earned her respect worldwide.

Angelina didn’t not seem as a person that likes to hide things from the public but when it comes to prophets, they usually don’t tell the biggest threats or some facts that could hurt more than do a favor. They are able to conceal someone’s infidelity or stay silent about something that could bring a bigger fight between people and prophets find this quite moral and human thing to do. However, it is believed that Angelina was hiding something rather bigger than just simple infidelity. All of her prophesies are known except her last one that has been kept as a well hidden secret. There were certain rumors what is it about but she or someone around her never told what it is about.

Now, after exactly one century, we are at the place where the great Angelina lived with aim to get to know her last prophecy. We believe that we will manage to reveal the secret that has been hiding for so long and use it for the better of the humanity in general. Let’s start our search.

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