Summer of Love Game

Summer of Love Summer of Love. Megan, our hero of the game for today. She is a romantic kind of woman that lives in her memories. Can you imagine, every summer she remembers one single summer, the one that happened ten years ago, when for the first time she met her actual husband. Since then, the best season for her is the summer. Megan lives in a small town that is abounded with wonderful nature and parks. She spends summer days exactly on those places, where she met her loving man and there she reminds of the wonderful summer of love.

How nice? And her husband is exactly the kind of man she has always dreamt off. The one she imagined when she first saw him on that park in her birth town, he turned out to be even more caring that she could imagine. And the love grows deeper every day, so it is not weird that she couldn’t forget that lovely first smile on that sunny day when she met for the first time the lovely smile of her hubby.

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