Golden Palm Resort Game

Golden Palm ResortGolden Palm Resort Game: Working with people could be hard sometimes, especially when your job is to make them satisfied. So just imagine how hard it is for the ones that work for customer service or maybe a beauty center. Every person has his/her own needs, own expectations so it is rather difficult to know what everyone likes.

Sara and David work as managers in the famous luxury spa resort, called Golden Palm. Those two are responsible for the stay of the tourists in this resort so they should be available 24/7 in order to complete their job properly. Sara and David have a responsibility to answer the needs of their clients and make them feel excellent, nothing less than that. Even though the managers always like to do their job as good as possible, their work is rather hard actually. They requirements of the clients are so big that Sara and David should work as crazy to make them satisfied!

The two managers are good in their work, but you could notice that the situation becomes rather hard. It seems that this time there are so many clients in the spa resort. So it’s simply hard to achieve taking care of all of them. They decide to ask for some help in their work. So this would be a great moment to help them a bit. Work together with the managers Sara and David and learn something more about their job, helping them complete everything and make their customers satisfied, willing to visit the spa resort many more times.

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