Noela’s Adventures Game

Noela's Adventures Noela’s Adventures. Ireland, one of the most exciting places in the world. As you probably know, it is an island in the North Atlantic to the west of Great Britain. What makes interesting this country is the unique culture, the unique accent of the people that live there and the specific customs. The country is also known by the large range of beers, especially Guinness. One of the most successful beer brands worldwide. Actually Guinness was once the largest brewery in the world (from 1914), and remains the largest brewer of stout in the world.

Phoenix Park in Dublin on the other hand is the third largest walled city parks in Europe after La Mandria in Venaria Reale (Turin) and Richmond Park in London, covering 707 hectares… And this is a tiniest part of the things that Ireland offers, not to mention the amazing nature in general, something that makes the place really magical. And actually that nature was the thing that attracted Noela to Ireland. She always had this wish to visit it, but those pictures in the internet were crucial for her decision to go there.

She saw breathtaking images of the nature so she packed her bags and went there, looking for the exact place where those pictures were taken, to make sure that those places really exist. However, since Ireland covers an area of 84,421 km2, that means that Noela has to make a better research in order to find the exact place where those photos were taken. On her way there, Noela met many local citizens and ask them for help, feeling surprised by their generosity since everyone was giving good advice and nice meal.

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